Poison (Blue)

Poison (Blue)


In search of an element that adds a touch of mystery and danger to your adventures, look no further than our poisons. This intriguing item is a must-have for those looking to challenge their limits and create stories full of dark twists.

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It is a carefully designed container made of foam, perfect for throwing, poisoning your enemies or using it strategically in your plots.

Poisons add an intriguing dimension to your character and to the game’s narrative by creating unexpected strategies. Poison can be a powerful tool in both combat and social interactions, giving you the upper hand in challenging situations. You can use it as a stealth tool to poison your enemies or as a narrative element to drive the game’s plot.


  • Item lenght (cm): 11
  • Weight (g): 25


Made entirely in Spain
*Our weapons are completely handmade, so they may have slight differences in their features.

Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 11 cm

Blue, Green, Purple, Red


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