In the slums, where the law of the jungle is the norm, fights in taverns and dark alleys are the daily routine. The smart ones make sure to carry a few “aids” with them to make sure every blow counts. Among them shines the Hogan knuckle, which will make any enemy think twice before getting into a fight…

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The Hogan knuckle is the perfect weapon for those seeking an advantage in close combat. With its ergonomic design and use of high quality materials, this weapon offers a secure and comfortable grip, allowing the user to strike with precision and force. In addition, its balanced weight makes it a lethal tool for both attack and defence.

With the Hogan knuckle, there is no blow that doesn’t count. Its reinforced frame and compact design make it the ideal weapon to carry in any situation, whether in the slum or the urban jungle. With it, you’ll have the confidence to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Throwing or roleplaying weapon without a rigid core. Fully flexible and thin-edged for safe use.


  • Lenght(cm): 14×11
  • Weight(g): 50
  • Material: Foam

Made entirely in Spain
*Our weapons are completely handmade, so they may have slight differences in their features.

Additional information

Weight 0,50 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14 cm


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