Belmont (Gold)

Belmont (Gold)


Created by an ancient beast hunter, Belmont daggers are a simple yet extremely effective weapon. Those who use them usually carry several in order to be able to overtake the enemy at a prudent distance, taking advantage of their excellent weight and flight.


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Belmont daggers are a must-have weapon for any beast hunter in the LARP world. Created by an ancient beast hunter, these daggers are simple but extremely effective. With their excellent weight and flight, they are the perfect weapon for closing in on an enemy from a safe distance and dealing lethal damage.

These LARP daggers are made from high quality materials, designed to withstand heavy use on the battlefield. Their ergonomic design makes them comfortable to hold and easily manoeuvrable during combat. With their sharp edge, Belmont daggers are ideal for fighting beasts and other powerful enemies.

Those who use them often carry several to give them an advantage on the battlefield. Whether you’re hunting beasts or fighting your enemies in an epic battle, Belmont daggers are the perfect weapon for the job.

Throwing or roleplaying weapon without a rigid core. Fully flexible and thin-edged for safe use.


  • Lenght(cm): 22.5
  • Weight(gr): 95
  • Material: Foam

Made entirely in Spain
*Our weapons are completely handmade, so they may have slight differences in their features.

Additional information

Weight 0,65 kg
Dimensions 26,5 cm

Blue, Gold, Red


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