Viking Sutr (Gold)

Viking Sutr (Gold)


The Viking Age sword, designed for one-handed use and combined with a shield, has a firm grip and no sharp guard.

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Owning a sword was a matter of great honor. People of status may own ornate swords with silver trim and inlays. Most Viking warriors would own a sword, as one raid was usually enough to afford a good sword. Poor farmers would use an ax or spear instead, but after a couple of raids they would have enough to buy a sword.


This sword stands out above all for its handle, fully decorated with engravings, very detailed and realistic. The grip is firm and smooth facilitating grip and comfort.


  • Weapon length(cm): 75
  • Blade length (cm): 58
  • Handle length (cm): 17
  • Weight (g): 322


Rigid core made of fiber coated with our foam. Entirely made in Spain

*Our weapons are completely handmade, so they may have slight differences in their features.

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Weight 0,322 kg

Gold, Silver


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