Seashell Falchion (Green)

Seashell Falchion (Green)


The Seashell Falchion is a good choice as a first sword. Adaptable to many types of character this weapon will delight newbies and veterans.

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The Seashell Falchion is a unique fantasy sword, meticulously designed to add an authentic touch to your live role-playing games.

Our Falchion is crafted from high quality materials that make it the perfect addition to any fantasy character. With its curved blade and spiral hilt designed with precision and attention to detail, this sword provides an unparalleled experience.

Whether you’re participating in a LARP game, attending a convention, or simply collecting themed items, the Seashell Falchion is a must-have. Its rugged, eye-catching design is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and help you fully immerse yourself in the fantasy world.

The Seashell Falchion has been carefully selected to meet the needs of live-action role-playing fans and offer them an unparalleled experience.


  • Weapon lenght (cm): 92
  • Blade lenght (cm): 72
  • Handle lenght (cm): 20
  • Weight (g): 440


Rigid fiber core covered with our foam.

Made entirely in Spain
*Our weapons are completely handmade, so they may have slight differences in their features.

Additional information

Weight 0,420 kg
Dimensions 92 cm



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