Viking dagger Sutr (Gold)

Viking dagger Sutr (Gold)


The Sutr Viking LARP dagger is a replica of an authentic Viking dagger, designed for use in live-action-role-playing. It has a length of 50 cm and is made of high quality materials, making it safe for simulated combat.

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The Viking LARP dagger Sutr was forged by a skilled Viking blacksmith of the same name. Sutr was known for his metalworking skills and it was rumoured that his weapons were imbued with magical powers.

The Sutr dagger was created especially for a Viking warrior named Ragnar, who had lost his family in an enemy raid. Sutr promised Ragnar that the dagger would give him the strength and courage to avenge his family and defend his people.

Ragnar wielded the dagger with determination and became a formidable warrior. He fought in numerous battles and always carried Sutr’s dagger with him, which became his most prized possession.

Sutr’s dagger became known throughout the region for its strength and magical power. Ragnar’s enemies feared his anger and his ability to inflict damage with the dagger, and the warrior’s allies respected and honoured him for his bravery and determination on the battlefield.

After many years of fighting, Ragnar finally achieved his goal of avenging his family and defending his people. He retired from the battlefield and became a leader of his community, carrying the dagger of Sutr as a symbol of his courage and commitment to his people.

Today, LARP’s replica of Sutr’s dagger remains a powerful tool in the hands of Viking warriors seeking victory on the battlefield.


  • Length (cm): 50
  • Blade lenght (cm):33,5
  • Handle lenght (cm): 16,5
  • Weight (g): 250


Rigid fiber core covered with our foam.

Made entirely in Spain
* Our weapons are made entirely by hand so they may have slight differences in their characteristics.

Additional information

Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 10 cm

Gold, Silver


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