About Us


Our History

Like so many great stories, Broken Wand is born from a group of friends putting their passion together in a great adventure. In this case, the live role or LARP.

Together, they would decide to create adventures and worlds in which other adventurers could live other lives, and formed a team of scriptwriters, artisans and organizers that in 2017 would give birth to the first Broken Wand LARP, inspired by the world of The Witcher.

The adventurers joined forces once again, and in 2018 the second part of said LARP was made, and after that the Broken Wand forges could no longer go out.

Now the force of that original illusion beats in our forges, from where we never stop creating monsters, magical artifacts and all kinds of items for those who, like us long ago, decided to walk the path of the adventurer.

At Present…

 Currently Broken wand dedicates body and soul to give life in our workshop to gadgets, weapons, creatures and any kind of object that any player, master, or simply collector may need to create their own adventures, so remember: Each dagger, sword or object we create expresses our desire to be part of your characters, your adventures and battles!